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Heal Your Life from the Inside-Out...

Rachel Offers Years of Experience & Education to Assist You as You Transform and Create the Life YOU Desire!

Sandy Beach

Intuitive Healing - Reiki

Everything is made up of energy - including the negative thoughts, memories and feelings you've held in your body for days, weeks, months, or years.  In time that trapped energy will create illness, dis-ease, depression, anxiety and many other health concerns. Through the power of touch, prayer, and intention, Rachel will heal the energy you're ready to let go of and together we will transmute your old wounds into a greater power and higher energy.  That is ALCHEMY~ 

1 Hour Session : $65


Life Coaching

Want to use the passion and power of Rachel's practices to transform YOUR life? In a one-on-one guided solutions support meeting, Rachel will help you create the life of happiness, joy and simplified living that you desire.  This invaluable time together will set your life in motion in any of the following areas: career, relationships, education, confidence, recovery, planning for the future, personal growth, happiness, family and breaking destructive habits.  The answers that you seek are already within, Rachel will guide you to find them.  That is ALCHEMY~

1 Hour Session: $75

How we at Alchemy® serve and help with mental health issues for both teens and adults  in Niagara.....

Yoga Therapy

Changing Lives One Breath at a Time~

Most people will experience some emotionally low times in life.  But when the length of time seems to last longer than a month and mood starts interfering with life, job & family then it's time to do something.

Yoga Therapist, Rachel Rogers completed her Combined Undergraduate Degree in Psychology & Women's Studies after her own long-time struggle with mental health created a desire in Rachel to see others' find HOPE and Happiness again.

With over 20 years experience in Yoga and a rich background in working with mental health, Rachel offers her own niche of combining Psychology with the Spiritual, Ancient Practice of Yoga & Meditation.

Rachel teaches DBT (dialectical behaviour therapy) skills which include; Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance, Interpersonal Skills, Assertivenss and Mindfulness in conjunction with Spiritual Ceremonies and Practices to reduce stress and find your way back home to yourself~

Yoga Therapy is done on a one-on-one basis for 8 weeks and is also highly effective for Teens.  Each Private Session is $75+HST.

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