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Corporate Yoga Niagara

Talent Wins Games, but Teamwork Wins Championships

Whether it's at your Hotel Conference Room, under a gazebo by Lake Ontario, or in the lunch room of your office, a relaxing 45-60 minute yoga practice led by the experience and expertise of Alchemy Yoga & Wellness Studio is a tangible and practical way to show your team that you are care and magnify the quality and cohesiveness of the group.

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Why Yoga? Why Alchemy?


Alchemy Yoga & Wellness Studio has been leading Corporate Workshops, Holiday Events, Team Restoration Projects, and Corporate Wellness Programs in Niagara for many years.  Our experience ranges from Small Business requests for a Staff Event, to Weekly Staff De-Stress Yoga Programs, to Special Meditation/Breathwork/Yoga Workshops amidst a weekend convention for multi-billionaire companies. 


Corporate Yoga is a staple program at many offices in Canada & the USA.  Forward-thinking companies around the globe are putting wellness as a TOP priority by bringing Yoga and Meditation programs into their office setting.  Like the Owners of Apple, Ford, and Google, many companies now know that it is no longer a question of "Should we?" implement a Corporate Wellness program but "How do we?"  Today, nearly 50% of healthcare costs for companies are actually considered to be preventable; therefore smart organizations are not just focusing on how to "fix" problems at work, but how to prevent them in the first place.  Prevention means having a strong focus on stress management, mindfulness and awareness-like Yoga.  Companies LOVE to choose Yoga for their team, simply because it's an easy program to implement with immediate results.  No equipment or special space is necessary other then a yoga mat and comfortable clothing, for staff to feel the effects of an invigorating 45-60 minute Yoga Practice.  Workplace Yoga is also ideal for all ages as well as any fitness level or yoga (in)experience. 

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