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Alchemy Yoga Teacher Training 

September 2024


Why Alchemy?


There are many fast, cheap, online options available for Yoga Teacher Training.  Why choose Alchemy? YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) at Alchemy is more than a certification, it is likely the most profound journey of self-discovery you will ever experience.  Our program has been designed to take place over 10 months in order for you to truly gain the skill set of an intuitive, gifted Yoga Teacher, rather than just a certificate.   At Alchemy you will learn a variety of new skills through hands-on experience to become a Yoga Teacher who excels.  Our Yoga Teacher Training program will equip you far beyond certification to give you confidence and actual experience in planning classes, performing mudras, mantras, understanding chakras, anatomy, finding your own authentic voice as a Teacher, proper alignment, leadership skills, networking with other Yogis, refining your knowledge of yoga and learning how to live yoga off the mat.  At Alchemy YTT you will be given the opportunity to learn from and teach classes with the guidance and supervision of Alchemy Owner and Senior Instructor, Rachel Rogers. Rachel's 20+ years of yoga experience in Niagara will serve as a wealth of knowledge for you regarding the principles and practice of yoga, the business of yoga, and how to transform your own life into one that is consistent with how you feel while you're on the mat.


Alchemy YTT is as suitable for those who want to teach what they love, as it is for those who aren't quite sure about teaching but want to journey deeper into their love of yoga and self awakening.  Alchemy Yoga & Wellness Studio is a space for all people to explore yoga and feel free to be their true selves without exception and the same holds true for our Yoga Teacher Students.  Alchemy YTT is a place where you will feel supported to be your true authentic self, heal old wounds, find the courage within and claim the power of your voice! Rachel will help you craft and define your vision in a way that will fulfill your soul, much in the way that she has built her own business teaching yoga in Niagara since 2013.  This kind of authentic experience and expertise can only be found at Alchemy Yoga Teacher Training and you will absolutely LOVE every single second of the journey!  In fact if you are anything like our past YTT graduates, you won't want the journey to end!  But don't take our word for it, here are just a few testimonies from Alchemy YTT Graduates.

“I have learnt not only so much about yoga, but so much about myself through yoga"

                                                           Loretta ~ Alchemy Graduate

“For years I have dreamed of taking my Yoga Teacher Training.  Life got busy.  When I connected with Rachel, I knew that I had to make the time.  I hadn't even met her in person or been to the Studio, but when something feels so right, you just have to do it.  Rachel is a beautifully inspiring teacher; the support, love and understanding of people, yoga, life and spirit emanates through every part of her being.  She is a phenomenal teacher with a passion and understanding of all aspects of yoga and spirituality like I've never witnessed.  We have been allowed to explore within and make this journey unique to ourselves.  The course has forever changed me in the most positive and profound way.  If you are aspiring to become a Yoga Teacher, or wishing to grow your knowledge and experience of yoga, I urge you with unwavering knowing and confidence that this is one of the best programs out there!"

                                                            Lianne ~ Alchemy Graduate

“Yoga Teacher Training has been an awesome accomplishment. Personally, it has allowed me the opportunity to grow, to learn more about myself, to learn about the practice of yoga, to connect with a tribe of fantastic woman, and to be enriched by a deeper understanding of how I interact with the world around me. I have become more physically fit, more toned, more emotionally stable, calmer, more content, grounded and centered. I have a different view of the world, and the way I interact with it. I spend a lot more time in the present, in the here and now. I don’t live my life in the future, waiting for the next task, report, meeting or weekend day. I appreciate every moment and enjoy my life more. Yoga has allowed me to reconnect with my creativity, the desire to be innovative, try something new in this moment and share that love of mind, body, and spirit with others.   "

                                                                       Peggy ~ Alchemy Graduate

“Alchemy YTT provided a safe and comfortable environment for me to turn inward to explore and discover not only myself but the kind of teacher I want to be. The support, encouragement and training provided a space for true transformation! Namaste "

                                       Linsey ~ Alchemy Graduate

"Rachel is an intuitive healer and amazing teacher.  Her course is well structured and planned, but she is also always tuned into divine guidance to feel what we may need best on that day.  It may be a specific practice, maybe a women's circle to share and feel supported, or a trip to do yoga in nature.  She is not just there to teach you how to do each pose, but she is teaching so much more about anatomy, energies, chakras, meridians, meditations, chantings, mudras, and how to teach with different themes and intentions.  She is also not there to tell you which yoga style to offer.  You will develop your own path as you dive into self discovery and the self healing journey.  With Rachel, there are so many possibilities to eventually develop the yoga style that you are interested to teach as an instructor."

                                       Marcia ~ Alchemy Graduate

"Yoga Teacher Training at Alchemy with Rachel was life changing!  I learned that yoga is so much more then just a physical practice.  I learned to go deep within and connect to my higher self and the divine and bring my true authentic self to the mat each day with non-judgement.  YTT taught me to let go of what I thought I knew about postures and instead respect the anatomy of my body by offering guided modifications for myself and others.  YTT was a remarkable journey of self-inquiry.  It taught me to be a better person and to take life with grace.  It taught me how to be my own role model and one for others too; how to manage the good and the bad in life; being present; and trusting my intuition.  I was surrounded by beautiful sisters and we moved energy around the room with each practice.  The memories, knowledge, wisdom, love and friendships gained are priceless.  There were days that YTT challenged me beyond measure, but in the end I came out the other side better, stronger, more vibrant, and more aligned than I EVER was before.  YTT at Alchemy was a true self transformation.  Rachel is a remarkable guide and I was gifted a place in the studio of love and healing."

                                        Teresa ~ Alchemy Graduate








Alchemy 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification is Internationally Recognized with Yoga Alliance and will give you the tools necessary to be an Amazing Yoga Teacher in many different settings.  Classes take place one weekend per month (Saturday & Sunday, 9am-6pm) for 10 months.  Our next Yoga Teacher Training will begin September 2024.  Begin your journey with us!

YTT Weekend Dates:

September 28th & 29th

October 26th & 27th

November 23rd & 24th

December 21st & 22nd

January 18th & 19th

February 15th & 16th

March 15th & 16th

June 7th & 8th

July 5th & 6th

Graduation August 2nd & 3rd


For seven consecutive years, Alchemy Yoga & Wellness Studio has been awarded the people's choice for top yoga studio in Niagara.  It won't take long for you to feel and understand why Alchemy has been thriving since 2015 even amidst pandemic.  Because Love Always Wins!  Join our award winning studio of Loving Teachers to experience an energy like none other for your Yoga Teacher Training!  Alchemy offers YTT tuition for only $3,295.00+hst for your 10 month Yoga Teacher Journey & Certification.  Alchemy is proud to make our life-changing program available to everyone by offering an affordable, interest-free payment plan for those who are dedicated to rising higher.  For this option, payments are split into 10 equal monthly installments so that tuition is completely paid off when you're ready to start teaching and earn an income doing what you love!

"There is so much strength, wisdom and love to be found

        on the mat.  I look forward to the journey alongside you as you discover ALL that You are meant to be"



Let’s Get Started!

4056 Dorchester Rd  Suite 202

Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6M9

Tel: (905) 341-5930

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