Owner of Alchemy®, Rachel cares. Her life journey has been one of pain and joy, suffering and victory.  Rachel found yoga 22 years ago in recovery from an eating disorder, addictions and anxiety. It helped her begin the process of healing. Now her life's passion is to walk alongside others as they heal. Rachel offers classes from a place of safety and acceptance, and is the heart and soul of Alchemy®.

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Shona is a Sama Yoga teacher spreading health and happiness to Sweden and Canada.  As a mamma of 6 kids, as well as a certified yoga-mediation-kids yoga-flying yoga- and massage practitioner... she comes to the mat to teach with harmony and balance.



Sonya understands how the business of life can allow patterns of stress and anxiety to be life.  Sonya enjoys offers the teachings of yoga as she is aware of how yoga and breath work allow the opportunity to slow down and become aware of life. 

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Wellness Team

lindsay- relfexology
Lindsay is a certified Reflexologist, and Reiki practitioner. She is dedicated to supporting others to heal, and her treatments encourage healing on many levels. She believes in people supporting each other and continues to attend workshops and certifications. She believes we are all students and teachers for life. She is a natural healer and has a gentle loving energy.
mallory- RMT
Mallory is a Registered Massage Therapist since 2014. She has experience working with soft tissue injuries, tendinitis, pregnancy, stress, headaches, and many other physical ailments. She believes that a sense of relaxation is vital to the healing process of physical aliments. She combines these experiences to provide a safe, serene and therapeutic treatment for every patient.
alex- esthetician
Alexandria is a wellness asethetician with over 7 years experience. She believes beauty, in all the forms my manifest in our lives, is essential to living a life of positivity and that pleasure and relaxation have therapeutic value. She is also working on her certification as a professional aromatherapist, and offers amazing treatments.
shona - massage
Shona offers a tailored treatment to the exact need of the client. Combing massage, alignment, energy block release, accu-pressure and balieneese techniques, she can treat each client uniquely and with focussed attention.

She also offers skin tightening of face and body.
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