Owner of Alchemy®, Rachel has a passion for people and for yoga. Her life journey was one of pain for a long time.  From this place came Rachels' compassion and desire to help others heal and find victory with the beauty of yoga.  Rachel found yoga 23 years ago in recovery from an eating disorder, addictions and anxiety. It helped her begin and now continue the process of healing. Rachel offers classes from a place of safety, warmth and acceptance, and is the heart and soul of Alchemy®.

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Sonya understands how the business of life can allow patterns of stress and anxiety to be life.  Sonya enjoys to offer the teachings of yoga as she is aware of how yoga and breath work allow the opportunity to slow down and become aware of life. 

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Peggy came to the mat later in life and discovered a way to calm the mind, move the body and nurture the soul. She is a true proponent of honouring the unique body each yogi brings to their practice.  While stress brought her to the mat, she has discovered that practicing regularly has significantly reduced the impact of strain and tension on her life and welcomes you to join her to ease into morning.  

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Jennifer has been a student of yoga for almost ten years.  The approach to her own practice and the classes she teaches reflect acceptance of the body, awareness of sensation and the appropriate action required to settle in. Jennifer offers a safe and peaceful space to practice yoga and encourages students to arrive on their mats exactly as they are.

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A graduate of Alchemy Yoga Teacher Training, Lianne is honoured and grateful to be guiding you through a Yin Yoga series and couldn’t think of a more special place to begin her teaching journey.


Certified in Hatha, Yin & Children’s Yoga,  passionate about all styles and flows, Lianne enjoys teaching a wide variety of classes.  "Accepting and being true to myself, living in the present moment and living a life of balance are a few of the blessings that yoga has brought into my life and I look forward to sharing them with you."

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Loretta has a multitude of experiences supporting children and teens as an educator for DSBN. She has patience, flexibility and creativity, which allows her to be successful in supporting people with a variety of special needs within the schools and community. She has a passion for inclusion, and ensuring everyone feels accepted, understood and supported through genuine kindness and care. Her smile, vibrance and energy shines as she encourages and demonstrates the importance of growth mindset, learning and growing because of our struggles. She is an open, honest and authentic individual who advocates for mental health and offers tools to continuously practice self care through yoga, mindfulness, breathwork and meditation.


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