Owner of Alchemy®, Rachel has a passion for people and for yoga. Her life journey was one of pain for a long time.  From this place came Rachels' compassion and desire to help others heal and find victory with the beauty of yoga.  Rachel found yoga 23 years ago in recovery from an eating disorder, addictions and anxiety. It helped her begin and now continue the process of healing. Rachel offers classes from a place of safety, warmth and acceptance, and is the heart and soul of Alchemy®.

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Sonya understands how the business of life can allow patterns of stress and anxiety to be life.  Sonya enjoys to offer the teachings of yoga as she is aware of how yoga and breath work allow the opportunity to slow down and become aware of life. 

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Peggy came to the mat later in life and discovered a way to calm the mind, move the body and nurture the soul. She is a true proponent of honouring the unique body each yogi brings to their practice.  While stress brought her to the mat, she has discovered that practicing regularly has significantly reduced the impact of strain and tension on her life and welcomes you to join her to ease into morning.  

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Jennifer has been a student of yoga for almost ten years.  The approach to her own practice and the classes she teaches reflect acceptance of the body, awareness of sensation and the appropriate action required to settle in. Jennifer offers a safe and peaceful space to practice yoga and encourages students to arrive on their mats exactly as they are.

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Sam has been practicing Tai Chi Chuan for over 20 years.  He studied Tai Chi for over 10 years with Sifu Kong of Niagara, where he was also taught Qigong and Push Hands sensitivity training.   Sam started teaching Tai Chi to the public 2 years ago for the SCVFA and the DSBN.  Tai Chi has helped him with anxiety relief, pain management, and movement fluidity.  He believes these and other benefits of Tai Chi can be discovered by everyone.