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200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training @ Alchemy


At Alchemy, Yoga Teacher Training is founded on the same principles as our Yoga Classes.  We want to help you journey within and connect to where you are most powerful, centred and inspired to do great things in the world!  Our 200 hour Yoga Certification is Internationally Recognized with Yoga Alliance and will give you the tools that you need to be an Amazing Yoga Teacher in many different settings.  This is a life changing experience that will transform who you are in order to become an Exceptional Yoga Teacher.  If you want to dig deep, heal, love and transcend than this journey is absolutely FOR YOU!  


Once you become an Alchemy Yoga Teacher in Training enjoy 25% off of your Alchemy Yoga membership, have the opportunity to offer Karma classes as a teacher out of Alchemy, AND join a community/network of other teachers WORKING TOGETHER to better Niagara!  Only available at Alchemy Yoga & Wellness Studio.


Traditional Yoga Poses, Breath, Mudra, Chanting & Meditation


Learn the depths of everything that you love about yoga from teachers with a wealth of knowledge and experience!

Yoga Asana

The Business of Yoga


It is absolutely possible to make a living doing what you love.  Actually, there shouldn't be any other way.  We'll help equip you to make that happen.

Rooftop Yoga

Heal & Help Others

do the Same


As you already know, there is a beautiful path of healing available to those who find their way to yoga.  When teaching yoga, not only do you heal more of yourself, you get to be a part of the healing happening all around you!

The 2022 Alchemy Yoga Teacher Training will equip you with everything that you need to become a capable, competent and confident Yoga Instructor!  Training takes place one weekend per month for 10 months upon which time you will be certified to teach your own yoga classes. Make the step in the direction of your dreams!

Alchemy Owner & Senior Teacher, Rachel Rogers will assist you in your own Yoga Teacher Training Journey.  Rachel brings her extensive love and background of over 20 years of yoga to guide you in finding your true path as a Yoga Teacher.  

                                       "There is so much strength and hope to be found

                                          on the mat.  I look forward to the journey with you                                         as you become all You are meant to be"



Alchemy Yoga 2022 Teacher Training Dates

Classes Take Place One Weekend per month over 10 months from 9am-6pm.

October 29 & 30
November 12 & 13
December 10 & 11
January 21 & 22
February 18 & 19
March 18 & 19
April 15 & 16
May 13 & 14
June 10 & 11

July 8 & 9 Graduation


Interest-Free Monthly Payment Plans are available for tuition of $3295+HST. 


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“I have learnt not only so much about yoga, but a lot about myself through yoga"

 Loretta/ Alchemy YTT Graduate

“For years I have dreamt of taking my Yoga Teacher Training.  Life got busy.  When I connected with Rachel, I knew that I had to make the time.  I hadn't even met her in person or been to the Studio, but when something feels so right, you just do it.  Rachel is a beautifully inspiring teacher, the support, love and understanding of people, yoga, life and spirit emanates through every part of her being.  She is a phenomenal teacher with a passion and understanding of all aspects of yoga and spirituality like I've never witnessed.  We have been allowed to explore within and make this journey unique to ourselves.  The course has forever changed me in the most positive and profound way.  If you are aspiring to become a Yoga Teacher, or wishing to grow your knowledge and experience of yoga, I urge you with unwavering knowing and confidence that this is one of the best programs out there!"

Lianne/ Alchemy YTT Graduate

“Yoga Teacher Training has been an awesome accomplishment. Personally, it has allowed me the opportunity to grow, to learn more about myself, to learn about the practice of yoga, to connect with a tribe of fantastic woman, and to be enriched by a deeper understanding of how I interact with the world around me. I have become more physically fit, more toned, more emotionally stable, calmer, more content, grounded and centered. I have a different view of the world, and the way I interact with it. I spend a lot more time in the present, in the here and now. I don’t live my life in the future, waiting for the next task, report, meeting or weekend day. I appreciate every moment and enjoy my life more. Yoga has allowed me to reconnect with my creativity, the desire to be innovative, try something new in this moment and share that love of mind, body, and spirit with others.   "

Peggy/ Alchemy YTT Graduate

“Alchemy YTT provided a safe and comfortable environment for me to turn inward to explore and discovery not only myself but the kind of teacher I want to be. The support, encouragement and training provided a space for true transformation. Namaste "

Linsey/ Alchemy YTT Graduate