Reasons to Try Yoga This Year

Sometimes you just need to slow down and take stock of where you are in the present so you can find some relief from the stress or pressures you may be experiencing. Of course, that is all easier said than done.

But what if there actually was a way for you to bring some calm and quiet to your otherwise busy every day? Yoga has long been proven (try thousands of years!) to have plenty of various health benefits, not only for the body but also for the mind.

Whether you’re looking forward to building healthier habits this year or you would simply like to find a more relaxing hobby, you might want to try yoga. Here are some more reasons that ought to convince you about it.

Boost Mood, Fight Anxiety & Depression

One of the foremost advantages of doing regular yoga is that it helps ease anxiety and depression. In a 2017 study presented at the American Psychological Association’s annual convention, it was found that the techniques employed in yoga help improve the participants’ mood.

These techniques include breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, and deep stretching and poses that help facilitate an improved blood flow and circulation, among others. Altogether, these contribute to the calm and focus achieved by the yoga practitioner. Of course, this is not to claim that doing yoga alone can already treat anxiety and depression, but this finding definitely points to the potential of lessening the dependency on medication, if necessary.

Sleep Better

Many yoga practitioners swear by the improved quality of sleep they experienced upon doing yoga, particularly right before bedtime. And there have been scientific studies proving this claim too. According to these studies, participants who do yoga enjoyed better sleep through deeper sleep cycles.

This is because the effect of yoga on the mind and body is so calming that it allows you to fully go into deep slumber. This is important because your body heals and recharges during sleep. If you have insomnia, yoga should be worth a shot.

Eat Better

Many people come into the yoga studio thinking that they will lose a lot of pounds and inches because they will be burning hundreds of calories in every session. This notion is false, though, because although yoga may burn calories, it’s still a relatively low-impact activity, and so will still not burn as many calories as, say, a full cardio workout.

What it can do, however, is to deepen your awareness, thus leading you to make healthier food choices. Because yoga teaches you to be more aware and mindful of your body, you also become more aware of what you need to do to be able to take care of it.

With the combination of better eating habits and regular, consistent yoga practice, you can therefore gain progress towards your weight goals.

These are only some of the many benefits you can gain from doing yoga. Give it a try and see the changes for yourself.

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