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Alchemy Yoga and Wellness Studio

~Changing Lives One Breath at a Time

Our Mission

At Alchemy Yoga & Wellness Studio, we seek to provide a place of peace and tranquility where each and every person can feel safe to relax the body, connect with the heart and transcend the mind.  We are a team of holistic health professionals seeking the greatest good for the whole person.  In order to do this we provide many styles of yoga, from the individual to the family, meditation, qi gong, reiki, therapeutic touch, ear candling, women's healing circles, and also offer a full retail space within the studio of products to increase health and well-being for the body, mind and home.

In this sacred space there will be no judgment. There will be no fashion show. Each person shall come just as they are and in the place they find themselves. The shape or size of your body is irrelevant.  Your gender or skin colour makes no difference.  You do not need to be flexible or look like a magazine cover in order to come to our yoga studio.   We will all be real. In this space of learning, ancient practices are taught and learned by all. We allow old mentalities and habits that no longer serve us to be recognized and then replaced with compassion, love and acceptance of the self.  We will do this through the spiritual practices of prayer (kriya), asanas (poses), pranayama (breath), mudras (symbolic hand and finger positions),  and dhyana (meditation).  At Alchemy, respect and acknowledgment is given to the psychology of the brain  and how it works.  Both Eastern and Western philosophies and tools are used to address the very tangible and intangible parts of what make us who we are.


The Alchemy Girls

Rachel Rogers, BA Sc., RYT, CMT, doTerra Wellness Advocate

Owner of Alchemy Yoga & Wellness Studio

Rachel is a Certified Therapeutic Yoga Instructor who has studied Hatha Yoga for over 20 years. Also Certified in Mindfulness Meditation Instruction, Rachel teaches that which she herself practices on a daily basis.....overcoming the obstacles of the mind and emotions. With an Undergraduate Combined Major in Psychology and Women’s Studies, Rachel has found her own niche of combining Eastern and Western Philosophies and practices.  Her classes are intimate and as spiritual as they are physical.  

Rachel found that her love of yoga became her journey out of a long-time battle with anxiety and an eating disorder.  Yoga was the gift she offered to herself every week to begin the process of healing.  On the mat, she found that her mind quieted.  She could really feel her body and the moment she was in.  The swirling thoughts slowed and she had peace.  This made Rachel reach out for more and more, eventually finding her way to meditation.  Rachel is now a leader in the community working with mental health and addictions and showing how the mindfulness of Yoga can be used as a very effective tool for becoming more present and feeling more alive.  Rachel teaches practical applications for slowing the mind and finding the path towards peace.  As a Momma of 4 growing children, Rachel knows the busyness of life and the need to be present.  Her love for her children and the forest ground her, while her love for people motivates her to show others their beauty within.


Jenny Arndt,  Qi Gong Instructor

As a human being, mama, therapist, coach, educator and perpetual student of interesting things – Jenny is always searching for opportunities to connect with magic, beauty and fellow travelers.

When Qi Gong tumbled into her life 18 years ago she knew she had discovered something remarkable. Since 1998 it has been a full-blown love affair and the center of her life. Her practice has taught her how to move through life with vitality, steadiness and a sense of peace that is always present. Combined with a long-standing relationship and exploration of meditation - Jenny’s mission is to make these practices accessible to everyone and connect others with their own ability to create a sense of peace and centeredness for themselves.

Jenny teaches meditation and Qi Gong to people from 2-100 years of age and believes that peace of mind is within reach for anyone at any stage of life.  A mama to two wild and funny little boys she is also a storyteller, wound-healer, emotional stabilizer, clown, nurse, food scientist and love ninja.


Jacquie Boychuk, Founder/Teacher of OM SHANTI YOGA 

Founder of OM SHANTI YOGA (beyond peace)

Also Certified in Restorative Yoga & Teaching yoga to seniors & Chair Yoga

Jacquie also took Thich Nhat Hanh's Mindfulness Training and was given the

Dharma Name: Peaceful Calling of the Heart

Having to overcome and endure many life challenges, yoga is what has allowed Jacquie to emerge whole and connected.  A life time struggle with Asthma was out of control. She was depressed and full of anxiety. Prescriptions medications were of no help.

In 2005, Jacquie participated in her first yoga class. Suffering from asthma, she was amazed after just 1 class, she could breathe and felt a calm she had never felt before !

She set up a daily practice every morning and eventually she was able to stop taking her medications.  In 2010 Jacquie began her Yoga Teacher Training Course.  She developed her signature OM SHANTI YOGA (beyond peace) to heal herself, mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually. Jacquie has enjoyed sharing her spiritually nurturing OM SHANTI YOGA practice with others, ever since.  At age 51, Jacquie  offered her greatest yoga challenge yet when she suffered a stroke. Her connection to her body, honed through her yoga practice, assisted her in recognizing what was happening and guided her as she recovered. Below is a link to an article she wrote for the Yoga Blog.


Holistic Practitioner

Isabelle Gargagliano

Isabelle is a heart centered empath. She is a wellness seeker with a natural curiosity and commitment to personal and professional growth. She has been a practitioner/teacher/student of energy and bodywork for decades. Isabelle’s passion is to be able to share the practices that have been instrumental to her own healing and therapeutic process as she has been humbled by her own health issues and believes strongly in the body’s ability to heal itself. Having received the Munay-Ki rites and increased her energy field she connects and brings this light and vibrations to all her treatments. In her practice, Isabelle is there to hold space for your energetic healing and personal growth. Isabelle will guide you to hear your own bodies’ wisdom and believes that every individual on this planet deserves to be loved and have someone listen to them. She intuitively guides her sessions ensuring everyone feels balanced emotionally before leaving her studio. Isabelle is a Crystal Reiki Master and Reiki Master, Certified Registered Reflexologist and a Aromatouch practitioner. She is a Yoga Instructor and Meditation teacher. Isabelle is the founder of Joy Sole Vitality and is thrilled to join the Alchemy Wellness Team.

Price List

60 Minutes Treatments $75 

Crystal Reiki Session, Reflexology, Aromatouch, Indian Head Massage 

*Services with DoTerra Essential Oils & Crystals 

Reflexology for Children $30     Animal Reiki 30Mins $30 


Our Intimate Studio and Healing Store

Our studio is warm and inviting with a real fire burning fireplace to welcome you.  Class sizes at Alchemy are small and kept to a maximum of 8 students in order for each Teacher to know their students and vice versa. Our hope is for each person to come to a class feeling important and getting what they need in order to leave feeling peaceful and calm.

Our healing retail store is available to purchase quality, organic, vegan products for the body, home and whole family.  Most of our products are made by local Niagara Artisans with families of their own.  We believe in supporting our talented locals to provide for our incredible Niagara community. 

Contact us with any of your questions, or phone/text (905) 341-5930.

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