Corporate Yoga

Benefits of Corporate Yoga

We all know that work can be stressful. Many of us have busy lives and have difficulty finding a work-life balance. Corporate yoga can help employees step up and achieve a higher level of performance at work and in personal life. Many large companies have brought corporate yoga into the workplace to help create happy and more productive employees. The focus of corporate yoga is on simple yoga poses and stretches that are beneficial to everyone regardless of age or physical shape. We also incorporate breathing techniques, mindfulness, and meditation. Corporate Yoga is a great way to bring your employees together while teaching them poses that can help reduce pain and inflammation. Many employees sit or stand for long periods of time while at their jobs, and this gives employees an opportunity for movement.

Alchemy brings yoga instructors into your office space, so your employees do not have to visit a yoga studio. The many benefits of bringing a yoga studio to your employees are a reduction in depression, anxiety, and stress.  Corporate Yoga has shown an increase in energy, improved memory and focus. Yoga can help decrease the fatigue your employees may be feeling. Yoga can help improve posture, strengthen muscles, and increase flexibility. There are some benefits specific to the workplace, which include better collaboration among your employees and an increase in productivity. You may see that your employees miss fewer days at work and overall feel better. Corporate yoga creates a more positive environment and makes your company more attractive to potential employees.

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